Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HOST OPPORTUNITY: Seventh Generation


At Seventh Generation, we're always looking for new ways to give Mom a platform to share her parenting prowess and rally her friends around topics she cares deeply about—like creating a safe environment for her family.

In partnership with Healthy Child Healthy World, our special-edition Healthy Baby Home Party Kit empowers moms with the resources and tools to educate friends and family on how to create the best environment for their baby. We will be selecting 2,000 hosts across the nation to spread our message!

If you're interested in hosting a party: apply now

What's a Healthy Baby Home Party?
A Healthy Baby Home Party is a party designed to give moms a fun and engaging way to rally their friends around topics they deeply care about — all with a greater goal of creating a safe and healthy environment for the next generation. The focal point of each party, the party kit, is filled with information, educational materials, party planning tools, and product samples to help our party hosts and future ambassadors educate others on the importance of reducing chemicals of concern in our environment.

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