Thursday, December 27, 2012

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So many friends and family always ask do you get such amazing freebies! Well one way is through It is an amazing website that gives you the opportunity to receive amazing discounts and free stuff from brands you know and love. All you have to do is host a party with a few friends and family in your own home. It's a lot of fun.

So far here are the parties I have been selected for
and what I got with each houseparty:

For me:
(1) SodaStream Source starter kit
(1) Variety of sodamix flavors
(3) Packs of microwave popcorn
(25) Balloons
(24) Plates
(50) SodaStream cups
(1) Pack of SodaStream napkins

For my guests:
(13) SodaStream bubble pens
(13) SodaStream coasters
(13) SodaStream notepads
(13) SodaStream calendar magnets
(15) SodaStream $20.00 rebate offer
(15) SodaStream product information inserts

For me:
1 Chef’s Jacket
1 2011 Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Cooking Contest Cookbook
2 VIP Vouchers for free Foster Farms fresh chicken

For my guests:
13 Totes
26 Foster Farms Coupons

10 DOLE Salad Kits and Blends coupons for hosts
1 Salad bowl
14 DOLE salad packets with recipes, party ideas and coupon offers
14 Tote bags
14 Salad bag clips

Want to learn more and host your own house here for more details:

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