Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Target Shopping Trip on 12/22

My favorite store to shop at on a regular basis is Target! I have always been a Target girl and now that I coupon I love it even more. I have many reasons but my main reason is that I love their coupon deals. Target allows you to use ONE Target coupon on top of ONE Manufacture coupon for each item.
This really helps my savings.

Today's shopping trip was a great one! I wanted to try to save at least 50% off my bill and I walked out of there saving over 50%!

My total bill before savings and coupons was $131.04.
After sales, coupons and using my Target red card I walked out paying only $55.10!

Here is a picture of everything I purchase:

You can see that I purchase regular everyday items.
The only thing I really stocked up on was cake mix because 1) I got it all for free
2) We have lots of bake sales at my job! Not bad right!

Here's some tips for your next shopping trip at Target:
1) Make sure you check out Target coupons online.
2) Sign up for a Target Redcard. It's linked right to your debit card/bank account and you save 5% each shopping trip.
This year alone I saved over $220 just from using that card!
3) Sign up for Target mobile coupons. It's fast and simple!

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